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Come in to start your membership today.


Enrollment Fee:                         $50.00

Regular Membership                  $49.66/per month

Discounted Membership             $45.10/per month

    (Family Member Add On, Teachers, Students, etc.)

Child Add                                 $28.00/per month

    (15 & under)

Martial Arts Membership          $162.75/per month

Kick Boxing Membership            $81.38/per month

Corporate Special Membership   $37.98/per month

    (Inquire at Front Desk)

Service Membership                  $33.00/per month

    (Law Enforcement/Firefighters/Military)

Senior Membership                   $33.00/per month


Summer Special Membership     $91.14/per month

    (3 Months: For students home from school)

1 Year Membership                 $487.12/per month

    (1 Year Membership paid upfront less 10% and no enrollment fee.)



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