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Tami Milner

CrosSport is more than a place to workout, it's become a family. I have been a regular here for over 8 years. I enjoy the authentic environment, the well designed work out plans and motivating trainers. I love that I can show up and the planning has been done for me! I get in and out in 30 minutes and I am done for the day! Love this place!”

Lori Ksander

“I have now been at CrosSport for over 7 years-switching after many years at other gyms. I go between 2 and 3 times a week. I love the quick and hard workouts. It is a way I can do a hard cardio workout and still get strength training as well. I mostly do the class-show up, get guided through a vigorous workout, leave spent and sweaty in under an hour. It's the only workout that I've found over the years that's as good and efficient and brain blearing as going for a hard run.”

Lance Ballew

“Congrats on the new location. If anyone is considering going...Do It! I had a great workout this morning there. I believe I have worked out at every gym in the valley and as a former GM of Bally Total Fitness in Anaheim, CA, I can honestly say these guys get it. The members range in age and the gender ratio seems to be about equal. Chance and Mike set up workouts daily and are very helpful. Don't be intimidated. The turf is unique to the valley and it appeared to be about 40x25 yards which allows for some great exercises. It's really good if you are tired of the same routine. Even though they have a lot of free weights, they offer many non-traditional excersises that helps you gain strength and endurance which keeps you motivated and crosses over to everyday life and is great for the common athlete too. I have worked out at the old location for quiet a few months but have been going regularly lately and I've lost 5 lbs of fat in 3 weeks and at WV Rams football practice yesterday I had more endurance and agility. This may sound like a sales pitch but it's not, it's just an opinion from someone that is excited to work out at this great gym and wants to spread the word.”

Tom Elmes

“Best training I've had since I got out of the army. Thanks guys!”

Brett Boksa

“Worked out here for a month for one of my fight's got me in the best shape of my life, Mike is an amazing coach.”

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